What disease tells us about how humans connect for good and ill

It is six years since I first began to write and talk about : how we connect in the digital age of complexity, and how we can stay human in the machine age.

I wanted to show…

Use 6-sided Hexagon Action Simplicity Principle for greater focus and productivity and to overcome the enormous anxiety of the Covid era.

If you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the rising uncertainty around the months ahead, I’m there with you.

It took me into my sixth decade before I found…

Donald Trump networking in The White House last week


Published on October 4, 2020

Founder of Editorial Intelligence and The Simplicity Principle

It’s simple and not complicated. And it’s a pity that the President of the United States did not realise or remember. …

Why I’m a pessimistic optimist even today.

In this time of trouble, fifty years after the Beatles wrote “Let It Be” I’m inspired by the six-legged honeybee, living in its six-sided hexagonal hive. …

Right now, in the middle of a pandemic, things could not get more complex. Our normal lives are suspended, in lockdown. Human social contact is reduced to anything technology can provide by proxy, because the real thing is out of the question. Medics and politicians alike are grapple with having…

julia hobsbawm

Social Health in a Complex Age and the Future of Work. Award-winning author of The Simplicity Principle and author of Fully Connected.

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